About Us

Solite, Inc. is a lighting/energy provider that manufactures, markets and installs a self-contained, isolated Lighting Energy Ecosystem that reduces the cost of electricity for lighting up to 100%. The system provides a natural lighting and daylight spectrum alternative to traditional interior lighting. Operation is continuous, day and night and essentially off-grid. Solite Technology provides lighting/energy efficiency for commercial, industrial and institutional interior spaces and for specialized military and industrial lighting applications, as well.


Solite Technology embraces an integrated hybrid approach, merging diverse technologies together, exemplifying how the sum total can be more effective than the parts, with innovation that supports scalable, cost-effective commercialization, otherwise not typically accomplished by any one technology alone.


  • High intensity sunlight is transmitted with unparalleled efficiency, to multiple interior light fixtures
  • Incorporates advanced energy storage-with advanced energy management (real-time and historical performance monitoring and over-the-internet firmware updating from a pc—anywhere in the world)
  • Employs non-traditional, tangential utilization of photo voltaics—for specific aspects of systems support –rather than as a primary source of energy generation
  • Employs sophisticated low voltage control and DC architecture—in switching, dimming, occupancy & daylight sensing and light- balancing capabilities
  • Interface options for control integration with facilities management software platforms
  • Power to all interior fixtures with built-in redundancies, making for a lighting source that is fail-safe, secure and dependable


Solite Technology provides daylight to the interior of buildings without heat-gain, stores power for sundown, nighttime use, and provides uniform balanced light regardless of cloudy or inclement weather conditions.

The company’s patented technology achieves lower cost through system integration and innovative DC architecture design. There is no AC voltage in Solite Technology and consequently, no energy hungry AC inverters, either. Low voltage DC operation provides increased efficiency over traditional solar systems.

Solite’s daylight spectrum LEDs are ultra-high output and off-grid energized; a free lighting energy source during non-daylight hours.

Power to all interior fixtures has built-in redundancy, making for a lighting source that is fail-safe, secure and dependable.

Solite Technology arrays present a smaller footprint (installed area) than would be required by an installed PV solar energy system, attempting to replicate comparable lighting output.
Solite Technology is designed with features and options to enable integration with facilities management software platforms.

Installed system amortization cost estimated to be 2.5-3 years, even less when applicable grants, credits, rebates and subsidies are factored into the cost.